About Us



Mr. Tuff Guy was launched by founders Bentley Jackson Smith & Scott Greenblatt after years of frustration with overpaying for inferior smartphone accessories. As smartphone junkies — Bentley's first smartphone was a Nokia 6600, Scott's was a Motorola Accompli 009 — like most people, we have spent exorbitant amounts of money over the years on phone cases, holsters, screen protectors, chargers, car holders, Bluetooth earpieces, headphones, USB cables.

When we understood how this industry worked, we were shocked. When all of these products are manufactured, in bulk, they don't cost a lot of money to whoever is making them. Vendors and resellers then purchase these products in volume quantities, sometimes don't even put their own custom packaging on, list them in places like Amazon, and sell them for 500%-1000% markup!

There's no reason in today's global economy that tough and reliable products can't be sold direct to customers at reasonable and fair pricing. That is the foundation of what Tuff Guy is based on, in addition to us looking across the world for some of the best and most innovative products, and we hope that our excellent prices and fantastic customer service provide you with an extraordinary online shopping experience.

We are always available to answer any product or customer service questions either via Facebook Messenger (you can click it on any of our store pages), or our store email address which is info@mrtuffguy.com